Aurora Life

The Aurora Experience: Being a Freemason at Aurora Lodge

Aurora Lodge is a vibrant Masonic lodge and a great place for anyone to become a Freemason in Leeds. 

We like to speak of the Aurora Experience. a unique experience for both members and visitors. 

As a general rule, we will be meeting every Wednesday night (with the rare exceptions, e.g. on a bank holiday or during the festive season) in Headingley, either to conduct our ceremonies, practice our ceremonies, or just enjoy each other’s company.

Additionally, we put on a social calendar to which all our members are welcome, and many that we open to partners, families, and non-Masons. In recent years, our social events have included:

  • Curry, Pizza, or Chinese nights
  • Walking weekend in the Yorkshire Dales
  • T20 Cricket at Headingley
  • Beer-tasting and cocktail-making experiences
  • Golf tournaments
  • Ladies’ Formal Dinner (black tie gala)

(… among many more, as we are always open to new experiences and activities to spend time together.) Some of the men behind the aprons

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