About Us

Aurora Lodge was started shortly after the atrocities of the  First World War and has been thriving for over 100 years. 

As a matter of fact, the lodge thrived so much that we had to create a second lodge to accomodate all of those interested in being a part of our group; this is when  “Daughter Lodge” the Lodge of the Morning Star No 5428, only 13 years after Aurora itself was consecrated.

Aurora was, and continues to be, a group of men, from all walks of life, dedicated to bettering themselves while performing high-quality rituals, making great friendships and, above all, being exceptional hosts to our visitors.

Above is Worshipful Brother Jose Rickard, our Primus Master (the lodge’s first Master). He possesses the rare distinction of having served as Master to both our Mother Lodge (Coronation) and our Grand-Mother Lodge (Philanthropic).

He was 70 when Aurora was founded and made him Master. He was 94 when he passed away.

Aurora Lodge Trivia

A familiy Affair

We are the daughter lodge to Coronation Lodge No 2922, which sadly is no longer active, and Granddaughter to Philanthropic Lodge No 304, among the oldest lodges not just in Yorkshire, but in England.


Across the United Grand Lodge of England, there have been four lodges called Aurora Lodge. Two in Australia, one in London (and then Essex), and us. We predate our Essex Brethren by 18 years.

We’ve had three homes

Our first 50 years were in Great George Street, in the centre of Leeds.
We then moved to Roundhay Park in 1970, before coming to Headingley, in 1982, where we still meet today.

We’ve helped fund the construction of Freemason’s Hall in London

We are one of only 1,321 lodges to have been recognised for their generosity in funding the construction of that beautiful art deco landmark.

This earned the lodge the title of “Hall Stone Jewel”

History of Aurora Lodge

in 1918, hostilities in the War to End All Wars comes to a halt.

Spurred by this atrocious event, Freemasonry was about to rise in popularity among former soldiers. The seed of what would become Aurora Lodge was planted.

On 14th January 1920, the brethren of Lodge of Coronation No 2922 were authorised to form a new lodge.

On Wednesday 24th March 1920, our Consecration ceremony was held in the Masonic Hall which then stood in Great George Street. 

Aurora Lodge was born.

Victim of our own success, we had to start another lodge to accomodate the demand we were facing.

On 13th November 1933, the Lodge of the Morning Star No 5428 was consecrated. They currently meet in Castle Grove Masonic Hall on Fridays.

The Masonic Memorial Fund closed for donations. Aurora Lodge, due to the generous contribution of its members to the funding of what is today Freemasons’ Hall in Holborn, London, is named a Hall Stone Jewel Lodge.

The sitting Worshipful Master of our lodge wears this jewel around his neck at every Masonic function to this day.

After 50 years in Great George Street, we moved homes to The Mansion, in Roudhay Park

In 1982, the lodge moved again, and made Castle Grove Masonic Hall, in Headingley its new home.

The Grade II listed building is the largest Masonic Hall in Leeds and the headquarters of the Masonic Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

13th March 1991 was the installation as Worshipful Master of our Senior Past Master, the longest-serving leader in the lodge.

United Grand Lodge of England establishes the University Scheme, a programme to introduce Freemasonry to university students. 

A short while later, Aurora Lodge is named Leeds’  University Scheme lodge.

April 2020 marked the 100 years of our consecration, making us a centenary lodge. Our members are allowed to wear a jewel in commemoration of this milestone.

Unfortunately, COVID would cause the suspension of Masonry a month earlier, and our Centenary meeting was delayed until the 13th April 2022.

In September 2022, Aurora had the privilege of being invited to a Charity Gala Evening in recognition for its great work with charitable causes in recent years.

Delayed by two years due to COVID, the lodge held its Centenary Ball on the 11th November 2022 at the West Park Leeds Rugby Club in Bramhope.

We remain an active, thriving, and welcoming lodge for candidates and visitors alike.

We continue writing our History, and initiating more members into the Lodge every year. Will you be next?