Universities Scheme

The Universities Scheme: Tradition and Continuity

Like universities, Freemasonry is founded on tradition and the value of continuity, only two of the values that characterise the relationship between Freemasonry and universities.

The two worlds were first connected over 200 years ago, when the first Universtiy Lodge was founded in Oxford in 1818 – the Apollo University Lodge. It would take a few decades before Cambridge (surprise, surprise) would follow suit, and in 1861, saw the consecration of the Isaac Newton University Lodge.

Since, thousands of young men were introduced to Freemasonry, and many more followed when the University Scheme was put in place in 2005.

How different is a University Lodge compared to a “normal” lodge?

The fundamental difference is in the membership. In our ranks, we have current students, current and former member of staff and professors as well as graduates who studied in one of the Universities in Leeds and then settled in. This means that our average age is significantly younger than your average Masonic lodge, and our spread far wider (which means that no matter your age, you’re likely to fit right in!)

Not only that, but if you were to move away from Leeds after graduating, we’ll have your back, as we can introduce you to the University Lodge of the city you relocate to for that next chapter in your life.

Aurora Lodge is proud to be the University lodge for Leeds since 2005 and have had students from most higher education institutions as members.

If you’re a student, Freemasonry will teach you lessons you can take on and apply for the rest of your life and career, on top of helping you meet many more friends you wouldn’t meet otherwise.